The Residential Madalena is located in the centre of the city of Faro, capital of the Algarve, Portugal. The hotel is open all year round and offers 20 rooms equipped with Bathroom, TV and telephone. Internet is available permanently. One can find public transport local and regional in about 30 meters. In the same place a transport to Faro International Airport,to all sections of the Algarve University and also to Faro Beach.The train station is 100 meters away, with connections to the same destinations. Getting through the key events of Algarve, the Residential Madalena is an ideal accommodation for both private and professional. There are endless opportunities to compose integrated packages of work, culture and leisure.

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Entire information related to Madalena boarding house, Portugal


Boarding house is a special type of living space wherein lodgers find one or more than one rooms for one or more night stays. Sometimes the stay can be extended up to some days, weeks, months and even for years depending on the nature of work. Today, Madalena boarding houses have become a rare sight in the Portugal, but at one point of time, they served the same purpose as contemporary “bed-and-breakfast” establishments.

In boarding houses, people can find one daily meal in the boarder’s rent, be it a common breakfast or lunch or dinner. In substitute for meals and a bed, the individual tenants might also be anticipated to share in the maintenance household tasks and other chores assigned by the homeowner or landlord.

What itinerant workers and travelers can expect from Madalena boarding house, Portugal:

  • Madalena boarding house, Portugal can help travelers and itinerant workers to get an inexpensive alternative to hotel expenses or short-term apartment rentals.
  • The boarding house rooms are often large and spacious enough for the needs of a single individual entity.
  • However, the bathroom facilities and privacy is limited in Madalena boarding house, Portugal.
  • In Portugal, nowadays some boarding houses are providing private bathroom facility.
  • Also, the boarders will get better insulation between rooms for privacy sense.
  • The beds and environment for staying is comfortable and clean.
  • Single workers felt secure in living Madalena boarding house, Portugal.

Govt. rules on Madalena boarding house, Portugal:


  • All boarding houses must have to comply with the relevant building regulations during the construction time.
  • Residents of boarding house should have exclusive possession to their room with shared access to communal facilities such as living areas, bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

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